Introduction to Events

There are two types of Events. These are Treasure Chest Events that occur every Tuesday, and Themed Events that occur every Friday (starting at 00:00 am UTC).

In Treasure Chest Events, you have to make progress on the given task to score points. The more points you score, the more rewards you can claim.

In Themed Events, missions will become available for a limited time where you have to shoot as many targets as possible within a time limit to score points. These points contribute to an overall score that will determine what rewards you will get at the end of the event.

During the mission, you can use slow-mos, and RPGS to assist you by tapping the relative buttons in the bottom-left corner of the screen (these can be moved in the Control Layout section of the settings). If you have none, you can buy more in the store.

The Event button will only appear on the main menu a day before the event is active. The event itself cannot be accessed until the event is active.

Please note that for clan events, you need to be in a clan before the event starts to be able to contribute and receive rewards at the end of the event. Leaving the clan during the event will also void further contributions and rewards. You will be able to play missions still if you choose to. You also need to ensure that you contribute to the event to qualify for rewards.

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