Additional ways to score points

During the match, you can gain additional points by performing kills in particular ways. You can get these additional points by getting Headshots, Kill Streaks, Speed Kills, and Payback Kills. 

For Headshots, you gain more points for shooting your opponent in the head, even if it doesn’t kill them. 

For Kill Streaks, you will get an increasingly larger amount of points for every kill you get without dying. 

You will be given more points for a Speed Kill if you are able to kill an opponent within 5 seconds of your previous kill. 

Finally, you will get extra points for Payback if you are able to kill the opponent that killed you within 15 seconds.

Also note that the more health your opponent has, the more points you get for killing them. Be sure to level-up your rifle or buy a better one to increase your damage so that you can kill your opponents with less shots.

Finally, in the last 20 seconds of every match, Frenzy Mode will activate for the remainder of the match. During this time, all kills are worth x1.5 points.

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