What is the Profile screen?

This is where you can see stats of a player. You can view your own profile by tapping your name on the top bar of most menus, and you can view other player's profiles by tapping the box to the right of their name and selecting "View Profile". 

On the left, you will see a title which indicates the player's VIP status at the top, then the player's avatar below this and then the player's name (along with clan details if they are in one). The bottom left value indicates the player's level. 

You can change your avatar by tapping the avatar image. If you tap the box to the right of your name, you can choose to edit your name or avatar from here. (Note that changing the avatar does not change the player model. Please refer to the following link to find out how to do this - https://support.puresniper.miniclip.com/hc/en-us/articles/6476591931793-What-happens-when-I-choose-Equipment-)

To the right, you will see their progress on Guns Owned, Upgrades, and Bosses Killed. The percentage at the top shows the overall completion of the previous three stats. Lastly in the bottom-right, you will see the latest Zone that they have reached in Campaign mode, and the last time they were online.

You can also change the mode next to Equipment at the bottom by tapping the arrows. This will show the player's equipment for the relevant mode.

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