What is the VIP Club?

The VIP Club is a subscription-based service that can be started at any time. You can access this screen by tapping on the “VIP CLUB” button on the Store menu, or by interacting with the many VIP exclusive items in the game. This subscription gives you various benefits to enhance your Pure Sniper experience, like having access to exclusive weapons, faster weapon upgrades, etc. The full details of the subscription is listed on the left side of the VIP Club screen.

To start the subscription, tap on the “Start” button on the right of the screen, put your account details (if you haven’t done already), and confirm the subscription. If it is the first time you have subscribed to the VIP Club, you will get a 3 day free trial. Once this is done, you will then automatically pay for the subscription on a weekly basis. If you have already had the free trial before, you will not get it again on future subscription attempts.

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