What is the Control Layout option?

This is where you can choose where the controls in missions are positioned. 

Firstly, select which layout you would like to edit by tapping the relevant number under the "Layout" section. As you will see, you can have up to three different layouts to choose from.

You can then move the various controls by holding your finger on the desired control and dragging your finger. You can choose to move the following items:

  • Zoom bar
  • Reload button
  • Fire button
  • Mugshot View button (used to look at the target image in Manhunt missions)
  • PvP Health Bar
  • PvP Earnt Kill Tags
  • PvP Timer
  • PvP Earnt Clan Points
  • PvP Score
  • PvP Log
  • PvP Kill Streak

When tapping on the controls you will see one, two or no options appear at the centre of the screen. You can choose how visible the control is by changing the Opacity setting and you can choose the size of the control by changing the Scale setting. To change these settings, hold your finger on the desired setting and drag your finger left or right to change the setting.

You will also see four options to the right of the "Layout" options. These options are Save, Undo, Reset, and Exit. When you are happy with the layout of your controls, you can tap the Save button to save your changes. Tapping the Undo button will revert any changes that you have made to that layout since the last save. Tapping the Reset button will revert the layout back to the game’s default layout. Tapping the Exit button will allow you to leave the screen. If you have unsaved changes, a confirmation prompt will appear asking you if you want to save the changes you have made before leaving the screen.

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