How Do I Access Event Chat and What Can I Do Here?

To access Event Chat, you need to tap the speech bubble icon that appears on the left side of the screen and then tap the "EVENT CHAT" button on the left.

Note that this button will only appear if you tap the speech bubble button when on the Event screen (for both Chest and Themed Events).

On the Event Chat screen, you can see messages that other players have posted.

If you tap on a message, you will see a list of options that you can do with that message. The options are as follows:

  • Reply
  • Invite To Join Clan (If they are not in your clan)
  • Copy Message
  • View Profile
  • Message
  • View Clan (If they are in a clan)
  • Append Message
  • Report

The Reply button takes you to the "Enter Text" section at the bottom but grabs the player's name and puts it at the start.

The Invite To Join Clan button sends them an invite which they will receive and can respond to.

The Copy Message button takes the text of their message and puts it on your device's clipboard, allowing you to paste the message anywhere you want.

The View Profile button takes you to that player's profile screen where you can view their gear, level, etc.

The Message button brings up a Private Messages text box, where you can send messages directly to the player. Once you have entered text in the Enter Text section, you can tap the Send button to send it. This message will then be waiting in the player's "Messages" section for them to read.

The View Clan button takes you to that player's clan screen where you can view that clan's trophies, clan points, etc.

The Append Message button adds the text in the message to whatever text you already have on your device's clipboard.

The Report Button brings up a menu with some checks. You can then check the related sections relative to your report. You will have to check the final section as a confirmation before being able to submit the report via the button in the bottom-right corner.

The Globe icon in the top-right of messages can be tapped to translate messages to your language.

The Emote icon in the bottom-right of messages can be tapped to add one of four emotes to a message.

Finally, you can tap the "Enter Text" box at the bottom of the screen to write a message.

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